Episode 22 - That guy would clone himself

Joe Rogan X Elon Musk - 14 million views as of this posting. For a rough comparison, the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere had 16 million viewers the day of release.

Ryan’s new desktop wallpaper

A youtube playlist of Joe Rogan talking about animals

Elon Musk X MKBHD - Interview - Factory Tour

How to apply for Global Entry

Get an Away Bag

Where does airline profit come from?

Baggage Fee Not Taxable, IRS Says

The pristine ads of the NYC subway system

Uber Elevate

Larry Page’s side project? - a flying car empire

The TSA doesn’t work and never has - “Undercover agents snuck weapons past screeners in 95 percent of cases”

Know your meme - why can’t I hold all this stuff?

The music played throughout this episode and others includes Home (feat. Herbi) by Ukiyo, How To Clean Your Room from JBPWAVE: A Jordan Peterson Lofi Hip Hop Mix by Akira The Don, Highwater Mark from HSTWAVE: A Hunter S Thompson Lofi Hip Hop Mix by Akira The Don, and is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0, which can be found here.